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Our vision is to make our mother earth so beautiful and clean by providing innovative technology in the field of solid waste management. We look to enhance comfort and cost efficiency for people in process, so they cooperate and we can reach new heights together.


We value our planet earth over anything.We are extremely dedicated to our goal while delivering the best quality and performance oriented technology in the field of waste management and solar energy. We want to encourage people to segregate and process solid waste in innovative manner rather than dumping it on land field to protect our mother earth.

Inovative Solutions

The world need innovative solutions to deal with new age environmental issues.It will only get worse with time if nothing is done about it. Since this task at hand we work on innovative and cost effective solutions, day after day to see a brighter tomorrow. We want to promote our new edged composting machine, garbage chutes, bio toiles,sanitory napkins diaposal unit to eradicate problem of waste world wide and solar to save energy.

Green Planet.

At Green Planet Solutions, we are committed to creating a greener future by providing innovative and sustainable waste management solutions. Since our establishment in 2013, we have been at the forefront of environmental solutions, addressing waste management across various sectors. Collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal of waste are all included in waste management, along with oversight and control.

Due to our superior quality, flawless finish, variety of patterns, and reasonable prices, our products are in high demand. In addition, we guarantee prompt delivery of these products to our customers. As a result, we now have a sizable clientele in the marketplace.

Our cutting-edge organic waste converter and garbage chute offer creative, economical, and sustainable solutions for waste management issues in multiple markets, including government, real estate, businesses, and industries.

Green Planet Solutions, we don’t just manage waste; we nurture a healthier planet.

Who we are

Since our establishment in 2013,
we provide sustainable, innovative and cost effective solutions for waste problems in various sectors like real estate, commercial establishment, industries, government etc.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around the planet and customers as well. We come with a promise of exceptional products at cost-friendly prices. Our mission is to bless knowledge and products around the world to salvage the planet to its former glory.

How we work

We work based on the promise of excellence and timely deliveries. A huge client base is not enough for us as yet, because our target is the entire planet. Our ambition is to spread world-wide and touch the hearts of people around the world with our noble cause.


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