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Green Planet Solutions!

Green Planet Solution is a leading company in the field of Environmental Solutions. Since its establishment in 2013, GPS provides Sustainable, Innovative and Cost Effective solutions for various Environmental Problems in various sectors like Real Estate, Commercial Establishment, Industries, Government, etc.

We manufacture a range of Composting Machines such as Automatic Composting Machine and
Automatic Continuous Composting Machine, which converts organic waste into compost.

We manufacture ecoTUBES such as Garbage Chute, Linen Chute, and Debris Chute. These tubes help you to segregate and manage waste effectively. They are user friendly and fire rated.

We have developed unique Bio-Toilet and Bio-digester technology. The Bio-Toilet converts the entire sludge into water and gas. Recently introduces Solar Products as ecoSUN associated with 25 Years old leading manufacturer as OEM.

Our new edge of organic waste converter and garbage chute provide sustainable, innovative and cost effective solutions for waste problems in various sectors like real estate, commercial establishment, industries, government etc.

Our Principles
  • Our vision is to make our mother earth so beautiful and clean by providing innovative technology in the field of solid waste management. We look to enhance comfort and cost efficiency for people in process, so they cooperate and we can reach new heights together.
  • Our mission is to set the planet on the right path. We wish to salvage the earth to its former glory. Our mission is not an easy one, but if everyone gets on board and stand strong together, the sky is the limit. This is a cause the world needs to unite for, using our products. We wish to inspire all, even if it is one person at a time. We are willing to put all our effort, dedication and diligence day in and day out to see a brighter and greener tomorrow
  • We value our planet earth over anything.we are extremely dedicated to our goal while delivering the best quality and performance oriented technology in the field of waste management and solar energy. We want to encourage people to segrigeted and process solid waste in innovative manner rather than dumping it on land field to protect our mother earth.
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