Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Parimal Salunke

Parimal always had an extravagant interest in Science and showed promise and excellence in his early stages itself. He completed his Master’s of Science in Biotechnology, where he learnt so much more. It was no doubt that he was a genius with an impressive intellect. His passion drove him through over 10 years of professional experience, and that was just the beginning. He aimed to learn all he could, however he could. His passion to save the planet always kept him on his toes, wondering about new solutions. He spent 5 years in Solid Waste Management where he got a ‘solid’ understanding of the field. He was a quintessential worker because he dedicated all his time, and efforts to better the waste management process. He also gained government, domestic and international experience which led to magnificent amounts of knowledge and expertise. With time, he developed exciting technology for rapid and natural composting machinery which would help lead the world to a greener, brighter and a more eco-friendly future. If knowledge is power, he is the equivalent of being nuclear!

Pallavi Pawar

Pallavi is a genius when it comes to numbers. She completed her Master's in Commerce without a hitch, with a future dream of using her statistic powers to help better the world and conveniently get rid of all the wastage and pollution in the world. Her world revolves around numbers. When we may see the world in colours, Pallavi sees the world in numbers with questions on saving the environment. With more than 15 years of professional experience, she gained expertise and knowledge at new levels. She too spent 5 years in the field of solid waste management and picked up tips and tricks to better waste management in all forms. Her objective was always clear, she was determined to rid the world of its ghastly health and salvage it to its former glory. Ensuring the future is brighter and greener than ever. She has extensive experience in the Retail market, International market and Distributor network setup. She goes all guns blazing through her marketing channels, to get what she and her company require for the betterment of the planet.

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