Fully Automatic Composter

The compact and eco-friendly organic waste composter effectively transforms solid waste into nutrient-rich compost within a 24-hours. The compost machine is hassle-free for users because it runs automatically. The humidity sensor detects the moisture content of the wet waste and turns it on when solid organic waste is added. This organic waste composting machine doesn't make any noise or emit any unpleasant scents when composting, in contrast to conventional procedures.

The space-efficient design of the organic waste converter machine makes it appropriate for a variety of environments. The machine reduces volume by 60–70% by evaporating water content through the use of a heater. The gadget breaks down the leftover waste effectively by activating specific microorganisms. The method is simplified for users as they just need to install the bacteria once.

Simply add organic waste to the machine; there's no need to chop or smash it; it will work automatically without needing to be constantly watched over. The organic waste composter generates fine compost, which is a vital source of nutrients for plant growth. A sustainable future depends on proper waste management, and devices like the organic waste converter help create a more environmentally friendly atmosphere. Who would have imagined that something so beneficial could come from waste? The compost machine is a productive organic waste converter that makes composting easier, creates more compost that can be used to feed plants, and lowers the volume of waste produced.

Features of ecoComposter


PLC controlled.
Fully automatic.
No skill required.


Compact and requires less space.


Processes All Organic Waste.
Food Waste.
Garden Waste.
Poultry Waste
Meat Waste.

Natural Process

Completely Natural using Microorganisms.

Noiseless and Odorless

Completely Noiseless.
Completely Odourless.

High Quality Parts

Stainless Steel Tank and Other Contact Parts.
Exterior MS Structure with Powder Coating anticorrosive.

3 R Principles


Safety Features

Mixing Blades stop when the door is opened.
Overload function.
HMI for process information.

Saves Environment

Reduces harmful Green House Gases.
Leachate formation.

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