A trommel screen is a rotary screen that is used to separate materials on the basis of size. It is mainly used in the solid waste processing industries and mineral processing. The oversize material is separated from the undersized material.

The trommel screen consists of a long cylindrical drum that has many holes/openings of the size of separation required. The holes helps in the classification of material and when the drum rotates it only allows the material that is smaller than the size of the holes to fall through while the oversized materials flow out through the other side of the trommel.

The tromells are extremely robust, easy to use and highly efficient in separating municipal solid waste MSW, legacy waste, soil, compost, aggregates, and other materials.

Features of Trommel


Legacy Waste
Material separation

Structure and Base Frame

Strong Mild Steel base frame fabricated out of Girders and Channels


Mild Steel with options of Stainless Steel screens


from 5 tph upto 50 tph in single unit. Multiple units can be installed with integration that can process upto 2000 tons per day


High quality Polyurethane for long life

Separate Wet and Dry Garbage Collection

Segregation of Garbage (Dry and Wet)
Segregated Chutes facilitate collection
This type of Chute is fully automatic

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