Sanitary Napkin Vending
and Disposal

Sanitary napkins are a grave necessity for all women. We wish to make their lives more convenient, with easy access to said napkins. During women's struggles, there should be an abundance of Sanitary napkins, so they have a little ease during hard times. It is a very important step to make sure of women's safety hygiene-wise

For these very reasons, we found a solution through Sanitary napkin Vending machines, along with their disposal. Now women can carry about their work, worry-free!

Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine: GPS Sanitary napkin vending machine is a completely automatic, electronic vending machine with unique features, like Multi Coin Acceptance, Usage Counter, and Low-Level Alter. This machine works on a spiral (coil) mechanism

We constructed the disposal to make life as convenient as the vending machine does, and in an eco-friendly way at only the woman's discretion

Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine: The Sanitary Napkin Disposal (Incinerator) Machine disposes of napkins in an environment-friendly method by burning the pads and converting them into ashes.

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