Garbage Chute

It is highly impractical to have housekeeping or maids collect the garbage door to door. The Simplest solution to this problem is a centralized Garbage Collection System (Garbage Chute) that enables users to dispose of garbage at their convenience, on their individual floors and only be managed from the Garbage room. These chutes are an effective, easy and economical way of Garbage Collection.

Types of Garbage Chutes

Single Garbage Chute
This centralised garbage collection system facilitates disposal of Garbage.

Segregated Garbage Chute
This centralised garbage collection system facilitated disposal of Wet and Dry Garbage separately.

Features of Garbage Chutes

MOC- Stainless Steel

GPS recommends Stainless steel.
No stain, corrosion, or rust with water.
Highly resistant to the humidity, acid and alkalis.

Fire Rated

Fire-rated as per regulations.
Compiles with National Building Code.
90 Minutes fire-rated intake hopper.

MOC for Doors

Stainless Steel.
Easy to operate.
BA finish (Mirror Finish).
Autoclosing feature.
Interlocks and Magnetic Sensor.

Automatic Exhaust System

The exhaust system is very important.
Installed above roof level.
Removes foul air from Garbage Chute.

Sanitation System For Easy Cleaning

Designed to maintain chute cleanliness.
Installed at roof level.
Control panel installed at Garbage Room.

Fire Sprinklers

In-built fire sprinklers.
Provided at each floor.
Operates automatically at 680C.

Separate Wet and Dry Garbage Collection

Segregation of Garbage (Dry and Wet) is Mandatory.
Segregated Chutes facilitate collection.
This type of Chute is fully automatic.

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