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Exploring possibilities
Exploring possibilities
10+ years of expertise

We possess in-depth knowledge of organic composting and its technologies. It has been instrumental in adding to our growth through the length and breadth of India.

Waste to energy specialists

For more than a decade, we have been successfully bringing products that help create energy from waste. Our experts devise bio-methanation solutions based on diverse technologies.

New-age composters

Say goodbye to lengthy and foul-smelling traditional composting. Our food waste composting machine convert 25 kg food waste converted into 2.5 kg of compost in a faster and odourless manner.

Mother earth’s
green crusaders

A range of waste management solutions for numerous needs.
Over 300 clients from diverse sectors vouch for our expertise.
Our Products

Eco-friendly, reliable

Fully Automatic Composting Machine

The compact and eco-friendly organic waste composter effectively transforms...

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Semi Automatic Drum Composter

The ecoContinious Composter can deal with segregated organic waste. All it...

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Garbage Chute

The demand for high-rise residential and commercial complexes is propelled by urbanization and the rapid..

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Baling Machine

A Baling machine (baler) is a mechanical device that compresses and binds materials. It is commonly used for..

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Wet Waste Shredder

A shredder is a helpful tool to deal with waste at a rapid speed. They are very useful machines for volume reduction..

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Plastic Waste Shredder

Plastic waste shredder is a dual shaft machine, designed to ensure efficient and precise cutting of Plastic waste..

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The Dewaterer is here to take on the big and bad solid waste materials and remove the liquid from them, the eco-friendly..

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Biogas Plant produced Biogas by the crash of organic product matter in the absence of oxygen. Also from raw materials..

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All for a clean and green earth

Green Planet Solution is a leading environmental solution provider. Since 2013, we provide sustainable solutions for environmental problems.

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